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Is Low Vision Treatable?

Few people are completely blind. Most of those categorized as blind still have some vision. Fortunately, developments in low vision rehabilitation can help them improve their quality of life and visual function.

Am I a Candidate for Neurolens®?

One of the leading causes of digital eyestrain is eye misalignment. According to experts, two-thirds of people suffer from this condition. Fortunately, these people can now get the help they need with Neurolens®, an innovative technology that reduces and corrects eye misalignment. If you have some form of eye misalignment, you may be a candidate for Neurolens.

What Is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Used to Treat?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a relative newcomer to the treatment field. However, it is already successful in several therapies, including the treatment of eye conditions. Some of its profound successes are in treating evaporative dry eye and rosacea. Hence, you can consider IPL as a treatment option if you suffer from these two conditions. 

Common Symptoms of Eye Misalignment

Eye misalignment, also called strabismus, means that the eyes are not lined up as they should be, and they look in separate directions. One eye may look forward, while the other may focus elsewhere. That impairs vision because both eyes must focus on the same object to see correctly.

Dry Eye vs. Seasonal Allergies: Which Am I Suffering From?

Seasonal changes can cause eye irritation, affecting one's ability to enjoy the outdoors. The climate or temperatures can trigger allergies and exacerbate dry eye symptoms as well. If you experience itchy, dry, or watery eyes, you likely want to know the reason for your discomfort. 

What Causes Low Vision?

Few people have complete vision loss since most people who are blind still have some elements of sight. A more accurate description of such people refers to them as having low vision. Low vision is when you lose vision and no eyewear or surgery correction options are available to correct it.

What Are Neurolens Prism Glasses?

The brain coordinates with the eyes to keep them in sync and aligned. This enables people to see the world around them clearly without having double vision. People with misaligned eyes often struggle to maintain balance. This leads to dizziness, headaches, migraines, tension in and around the eyes, and neck stiffness. Exposure to digital screens compounds these symptoms, making everyday life very difficult.

What Is Dry Eye Disease?

Tears are essential for the health of the eyes. They keep the ocular surface lubricated and smooth and help them focus light for clear vision. They are also helpful in keeping the eyes clean of debris and dirt. Every time you blink, the eyelid helps spread a thin tear film across your entire eye. So, what happens if there is a problem with your tears? A condition known as dry eye is the most common result of tear problems. Dry eye is a condition where you either have unstable or inadequate tears. It can affect either one or both eyes, and it causes significant discomfort.

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