Enchroma LX Glasses for Low Vision

Enchroma LX Glasses for Low Vision

Enchroma LX Glasses for Low Vision

Enchroma LX Glasses for Low Vision

Do you struggle to see the full spectrum of colors and details? Enchroma’s LX glasses can provide transformative enhancements to color perception and sight. These specialized glasses optimize color vision and visual function by leveraging advanced lens technology.



What Is Color Blindness?


The eyes perceive color through cone cells in the retina, detecting different light wavelengths. Color blindness occurs when some cone cells malfunction. The most common forms are red-green deficiencies. This deficiency makes distinguishing certain shades of red, green, brown, and orange difficult.


More rare, blue-yellow color blindness involves the blue cones not functioning correctly. This makes it challenging to differentiate some blues from greens and purples. In rare cases, total color blindness means no cones work at all, so the world appears in shades of gray.



Engineered for Red-Green Color Blindness


The LX glasses utilize patented filters to improve color contrast for those with red-green cone deficiency. They aim to enrich the color experience for those with specific deficiencies like protanopia or deuteranopia by sharpening the distinction between shades.


However, results vary between individuals, depending on the exact type and extent of color blindness. Enchroma glasses target conventional red-green color blindness, not total color blindness.



Take the Online Color Blindness Assessment


Are you interested in trying Enchroma glasses? Start with a quick online color blindness assessment. In just a few minutes, you can discover if these glasses can benefit your particular needs and type of color vision deficiency. If suitable, your eye doctor will match you with lenses tuned precisely for your specific degree of color blindness. The assessment is an essential first step to see if these glasses can help enrich your color perception.



Custom Designed for Your Unique Vision


An optometrist first thoroughly evaluates your particular vision issues and color perception needs. Enchroma then creates custom lens filters optimized for you with a fine-tuned tint and fit for maximum results. Ongoing adjustments progressively enhance your color vision over time. It is a tailored solution designed for your eyes and level of impairment.



Experience Life More Vibrantly


Enchroma wearers enjoy impressive benefits, including:


  • Sharper, clearer vision

  • Vivid color perception

  • Enhanced contrast

  • Improved detail detection

  • Expanded visual range

  • Reduced glare and eye fatigue


The specialized glasses allow you to finally see the true, brilliant hues of nature, art, faces, and more.



What to Expect


Many Enchroma users get emotional when first trying on the glasses. They are awestruck seeing familiar places, loved ones, and objects in vivid new colors. Suddenly distinguishing hues that were previously muddled can be breathtaking. For many, unlocking this visual world is a profound experience.



Aids Child Development


Enchroma glasses are suitable for children as well. Like adults, young wearers need an assessment first to determine if the glasses suit their needs and type of color blindness. If prescribed, customized eyewear can greatly assist childhood development. At school and home, it boosts learning, social skills, and safety for color-blind kids.



Bottom Line


Do not resign yourself to hazy, muted color and detail. Enchroma LX glasses empower you to unlock your full visual potential. Finally, see the beauty around you revealed in its vibrant glory. This technology aims to make dynamic, rich color vision accessible. This can change how you connect with every sight.


For more on Enchroma LX glasses, visit Chroma Optics at our office in Burlington, Vermont. Call (802) 497-1676 to schedule an appointment today.

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